Why You Need an Engagement Session

I LOVE engagement sessions for so many reasons. Most of my couples love them just as much as I do. Two of my three wedding photography packages include a complimentary engagement session. This isn’t only a benefit for the couple, it’s a benefit for me as well. But every once in a while, I’ll get a request from a couple who wants to book me saying that they don’t need an engagement session, so they’d like me to either swap it out for something else or reduce the cost of the package. Well, first of all, the engagement session is complimentary. Therefore, It doesn’t have a monetary value to be subtracted or traded. It’s my free gift to my couples that they can choose to use or not. In this post, I’ll explain why my hope is that all of my couples take advantage of their complimentary engagement session.

Engagement sessions are such a great way for me to get to know my couples before the wedding day. The couple gets to learn my posing and directing style while we chat about all their wedding details and planning. This is such great practice, because once the wedding day comes along, my couples already know all the poses. And they already know that they loved their engagement photos, so they don’t have to worry about whether or not they are going to love their wedding photos. They already know that I know how to make them look as amazing on camera as they do in real life, and they already understand that they don’t have to stress trying to come up with poses, because I take care of all of that.

Another benefit of the engagement session is it’s a great opportunity for my couples to communicate their hopes for their wedding photos. Maybe they get the images back and they realize that they loved the twirling photos, and want more like that on their wedding day. Or maybe they didn’t like the sitting photos, and want to skip those on the wedding day. This is another reason a trial run is so important!

Not to mention, my couples get awesome photos of the two of them that they can print and frame. Most of my couples (even the grooms) have a blast at the session. It’s like a date where you get to snuggle up to and flirt with your favorite person. What could be better?!

Why you need an engagement session

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