What to Wear to Your Engagement Session | Outfit Inspiration

One of the most common questions my couples ask me before their engagement session is what they should wear. So today, I’m sharing the advice that I share with all of my clients.

I always recomend that my couples bring two outfits, one formal outfit, and one more casual outfit. The casual outfit is the one that you should show up to the session in, so you can save your formal outfit for sunset. For both of your outfits, you should coordinate with your fiance, but not match.

I know the tendency is to go for darker colors, especially for your formal outfit, but for that light and airy look, lighter colored outfits really help to achieve that aesthetic.

Here’s a great example of a perfect casual outfit.

What to wear for your engagement session.jpg

Here’s an example of a more formal outfit that Andry and I wore to our own couple’s session. I bought this outfit from Amazon and would highly recomend it. The skirt comes in almost any color. You can find it here. You can find the lace shirt here. Andry wore a white button-down shirt, a tie that matched my skirt, jeans, and a sport-coat. This is my favorite outfit that he wears!

What to wear for your engagement session-2.jpg

If you come from a culture with unique traditional clothing, that would be a great outfit to wear to your engagement session.

What to wear for your engagement session-5.jpg

Button-down shirts tend to work really well for grooms and go well with both their bride’s more casual and more formal outfits. I loved Michael’s outfit shown below.

What to wear for your engagement session-9.jpg

Here are a few more awesome outfit ideas that my couples have worn to their engagement sessions. I love how many of my brides wear white for their session. It’s so bridal! AND I love when my grooms wear full suits for that formal look.

What to wear for your engagement session-3.jpg

Amanda’s hat was the perfect accessory in the photo below.

What to wear for your engagement session-7.jpg
What to wear for your engagement session-8.jpg
What to wear for your engagement session-4.jpg

One last tip - when in doubt, overdress. You already have so many photos on your phone of you and your fiance dressed casually. Your engagement photos are special. You’ll look at them for the rest of your life, and you’ll print them and hang them in your home. You’ll love seeing photos of yourselves all dressed up.

What to wear for your engagement session-6.jpg

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