What to Have Ready When Your Wedding Photographer Arrives on Your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer, the first thing I do when I arrive on the wedding day is photograph the bride and groom’s personal details. This part of the morning goes so much smoother if the couple already has everything ready and organized for me when I arrive. Otherwise, I’ll have to search through the crowded getting ready room to find everything, and I’ll probably have to go to the groom’s suite to track all of his details down as well. I recomend that both the bride and the groom’s details be all together in a box or bag (at least the smaller items that will fit) in the bridal suite when I arrive, since I usually head to the bridal suite first on a wedding day.

Here are the items that I recommend my brides and grooms have ready for me to photograph when I arrive on the wedding day:

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Wedding Details:

  • Invitation suite, stamps, wax seal, and any other invitation details

  • Other important stationary such as the programs

  • Loose flowers from the florist for styling photos

  • Any other special customized wedding details

Bride’s Details:

  • All three rings (or however many you have)

  • Your personal ring box if you have one (I recomend the Mrs. Box)

  • The bridal jewelry

  • The veil

  • The bridal bouquet

  • The bride’s dress (on the hanger you want it photographed on - bonus points if it’s already hanging somewhere beautiful)

  • The bride’s shoes

  • A special perfume if you’re wearing one

  • Any other special details that you want photographed

Groom’s Details:

  • The groom’s shoes

  • The groom’s tie

  • The groom’s watch (if he’s wearing one)

  • A special cologne (if he’s wearing one)

  • Tie clip

  • Cufflinks

  • The groom’s boutonniere

  • Any other special details that the groom may have

Photographing the wedding details is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, and my couples always love these photos as well. You spend so much time, money, and emotions picking out these special details for you wedding day. I want to create beautiful, sentimental photos for you with these details. Having them all ready for me when I arrive on your wedding day is super helpful!

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