Stacy and Eric's Newfields Engagement Session

I had so much fun with Stacy and Eric during their Newfields Engagement session tonight! Newfields (the Indiana Museum of Art) is my all time favorite location to shoot engagement sessions at the Indianapolis area. It seems like almost all of my engagement sessions have been at Newfields lately, which I absolutely love! Check out the blog to see a lot more Newfields Engagement Sessions. It’s also such a perfect venue for an elegant and classic wedding day. Stacy and Eric love Newfields as well and knew right away that this was the location they really wanted for their engagement session. The mix of the nature, garden, and elegant architectural backdrops was perfect for who these two are as a couple.

Stacy and Eric are such a unique couple, and I love that they are tailoring their wedding planning, wedding day, and entire wedding experience to them instead of feeling like they need to go along with the traditional aspects of weddings. I wish I could tell every couple that weddings are only about you and your significant other. You can make your wedding day exactly how you want. You don’t have to feel confined to traditions or to what anyone else does. I love that Stacy and Eric are fully embracing that. They’re getting married at Bash, a brand new venue in Carmel, this fall, and I cannot wait to be there to photograph it.

Bash is an amazing venue as well that I highly recomend to anyone looking for a wedding venue on Carmel. The staff there has been so amazing to work with! They’re holding an open house on July 24 for anyone who would like to come check out the venue. I’ll be there, so feel free to come say hi!

Stacy and Eric, enjoy these sneak peaks while I finish editing your full engagement session gallery!