On the cover of Indianapolis Premier Weddings Magazine!

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One of the best surprises of 2018 was when I found out that, not only were my photos from Cam and Chelseigh’s fairytale themed Laurel Hall wedding going to be published in print, but my photo was also going to be on the COVER of Indianapolis Premier Weddings Magazine!

One of my major goals with my photography for 2018 was to get published in print. I accomplished that when a shoot that I did at the Crystal Gardens in Chicago was published in a local Chicago magazine. I did have a goal of someday being on the cover of a magazine, but it wasn’t a 2018 goal, because I didn’t think I would be able to achieve this until a little later. I guess I learned that I need to set my sights higher and not doubt that I can achieve my goals sooner than I imagined. It’s so fun when you check off a goal as accomplished, because then you can make new ones and keep striving to be better and better.

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I couldn’t have done it without Cam and Chelseigh’s amazing wedding, and their entire vendor team. You can check out some of my favorite photos from their wedding here on the blog. They got married at one of my all time favorite venues, which is one of the most beautiful venues in Indianapolis in my opinion. And they had amazing florals including a floral arch, and huge centerpieces for the head table. Cam and Chelseigh were one of my favorite couples to work with! They took all of my suggestions on their timeline, and gave me so much time for details photos and portraits, which is why their wedding photos are some of my favorites that I’ve ever taken.

Thank you so much to Cam and Chelseigh, their vendor team, and Indianapolis Premier Weddings Magazine!

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