Indianapolis Product Photographer

As a full time wedding photographer, I don’t have many opportunities, especially during wedding season, to take on other types of photography clients. However, whenever I get the chance, I love to be able to mix up my typical wedding and engagement photography routine with some other fun types of photography, especially when these sessions are in Indianapolis or incorporate fun local Indiana locations. Product Photography is something I used to do a lot when I first got into photography, and I absolutely LOVED photographing products for both local and national companies.

That’s why I was so excited when Jess from Pember Home asked me to photograph their fun line of home decor products. Pember Home is located in Bloomington, Indiana. We ended up driving all around the city of Bloomington to incorporate all of the fun, colorful murals around the downtown area of the college town.

Pember Home is such a unique company with very interesting products that each come with their own backstory. Hector, the cat is a hipster, while Frank is more of a “fuddy duddy.” You can learn more about the animals and their individual personalities over on the Pember Home website here.

The Pember Home Brand is very colorful ad vibrant, so for their photos, we focused on colorful backdrops both in the city and using flat lays and our own backdrops. We also took staged photos of the products in a home, so Pember Home’s customers can see how they can be used as decor in different areas of the house.

This was such a fun an unique project for me. I loved getting back into product photography, which was one of my first loves back when I started on this photography journey. I hope to do more shoots like this in the future! If you’re interested in product photography, you can contact me here.