How to Choose The Wedding Photographer That's Right For You

Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming. There are SO many options. I’m sure you have multiple friends with “fancy cameras,” but maybe you’re wondering if you should find someone on the Knot or search hashtags on Instagram. Sometimes for non-photographers, it’s difficult to tell what the difference is between different photographers in order to make a decision. I hope the list below helps you figure out how to decide which wedding photographer is right for you!

Do you LOVE the photographer's style?

This is first on this list, because it’s the most important thing you need to decide on when choosing your wedding photographer. And this means everything from editing, to lighting, to posing. When you look at a photographer’s images, can you see yourself and your fiance in those exact photos. OR do you look at the photos and think “These are great, but I would want different poses or slightly different editing.” OR maybe you only see natural light images in a photographer’s portfolio, but your wedding is going to be outside at night. If so, that person is not the photographer for you. You can’t hire a photographer and expect them to be able to give you a product you’ve never seen in their portfolio. Most photographers aren’t willing to change any aspect of their style, and even if you find one who is, they won’t be as good at it, because it’s not what they do. Find someone who specializes in EXACTLY what you are looking for!

Are you excited about the experience the photographer offers?

Does the photographer send a bridal guide to help you prepare for your wedding? Do they have blog posts that help you with wedding planning? Is your wedding going to be on their blog or possibly published in a magazine? How does the photographer deliver photos? Do they sell prints or albums? Do they offer a print release? Do they help you with your timeline and day-off photo plan, or do you have to do that on your own? How many time do they meet with you in person before the wedding? Do they try to do everything online for convenience and planning around your work schedules? Do they help you at all or just show up on the wedding day? These are all parts of the client experience that will differ from photographer to photographer.

Do you feel comfortable with them?

You spend more time with your wedding photographer on your wedding day than with your spouse. It’s important to find someone whose personality you like. Do you click well with them? Would you like to work with them for a year or so during your wedding planning and on the most important day of your life?

Is the Photographer in your budget?

Of course, this one is important, but I hope it’s one of the last factors considered. I see too many brides making decisions based on price alone, and they end up very disappointed by the outcome. Your wedding day goes by so quickly, and you’ll only have two things left when the day is over: your marriage and your wedding photos. You’ll have your wedding photos for the rest of your lives, and you’ll even pass them down to future generations. You deserve photos you’re in love with and you deserve the perfect photographer for YOU!

Have you found a photographer who meets all of these criteria? Make sure you ask them these questions before hiring them!

How to choose the Wedding Photographer that's Right for You

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